January 19, 2009

Round Robin Label

I mentioned earlier that I stepped in to add a Border in a Round Robin. I also helped the person making the center by creating this label to follow her center around. I thought it was only fitting to put a robin on it. :D

The toys are picked up the kitchen is clean, and the rest of the house is a mess, but I'm off for the evening. :D Have a great night everyone


Heather said...

This is just so precious! I think it's wonderful that you put a robin on it.

Elizabeth A. said...

Thank you. I was told, I made it wrong, as I called what I did the first border. But that's okay. I'm done with it now, and I'd very well imagine it will be the last time I offer to help out with that particular group.

Elizabeth A. said...

Funny About this label. Just the other day the hostess, Judy told me it was fine. Ah well, live learn.