January 19, 2009

Quilting Mania

Good Morning Good Morning. I woke up this morning to my daughter going through her new clothes. Did I buy them for her? Yes, I always try to buy ahead and these I purchased this past summer or perhaps earlier. I keep all the "grow into clothes" in the bottom of her dresser, and every once in a while she digs through them. Today she couldn't resist a tied pink floral spaghetti strap top with gentle ruffles. Is it warmer? Yes, but not warm enough for that top. Oh well she really wanted to wear it.

Last night I admitted my addiction. I am addicted to quilting. When I first joined the quilting board someone said welcome to the addiction. My mind thought, "addiction, no it's not an addiction, I just enjoy it". LOL! Well last night was the clincher. Rob was off to his new job (there I said it) for the evening not expected back till the wee of the morning. Jessica and I made the yummiest dinner (One Pot Pasta with Sun dried Tomatoes!) watched tv together, and then I STARTED to pick up the living room.

Of course I came upon fabric strips GALORE! I filled in to help out with a Row Robin, and I gave it a bit of strip therapy, so all of my strips where out, even my beloved Birthday Jelly Roll. As I began to clean my fingers touched the fabric. Whatever will I do with this fabric? Portugal from Moda... It feels so nice on my fingers. And then it hit me, wouldn't it be funny to give the strips DH gave me, back to him in the form of a quilt? Now what pattern? Log Cabin is at the top of my hate list, perhaps he will appreciate my efforts, why yes Log Cabin Blocks will be perfect. Now how to best utilize each and every strip of fabric, without waste? The math floods into my mind. More and more numbers cascade over me, and then I emerge with my scrap of paper. I have it! Yes that is just right. I begin making more specific notes, yes, yes... Nope... Okay change thing, that and here too. Now to sit back down with the fabric and begin sorting it into what might be pleasing patterns. At first none can be found but then they begin to appear. A study in patterns, yes, perfect.

Apples are red and my red border fabric will make great centers. I check to see that I have enough fabric ah yes, I will have two extra, perfect. Red stands for the home of the hearth in the log cabin blocks, and red apples are always ready for me to make pies for DH here in my hearth.

I look up. 8:30! Oh no! I'm late putting Jessica to bed. Hurry hurry. Her routine can take anywhere from an hour to two depending. I don't know how long it took last night. I did everything and doted on her in my happy mood.

Then off to the sewing machine... Nope not yet, first we have to cut those apple centers. The fabric cuts perfectly, it's like a dream. Of to the sewing machine. Sewing each block what a joy. I know now who and what I am, I am in control. Block begin coming out of my sewing machine. I sew until 11 pm, there is no one to stop me, no one to tell me to head for bed. It's marvelous. Afterwards I stash everything away. Pleased as a dung beetle with a ball of... The joy, the love. I watch Bewitched and then sleep claims me in a happy slumber. Dh comes in after the timer on the tv has gone off. I have no idea what he says to me, I'm to completely content to care. My mind processes that he is home and safe and that is enough for me.

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Heather said...

You sound just like me with my scrapbooking! Welcome to addiction, but like I always say there are worse things to be addicted to!