December 31, 2008

Pretty Embroideries

I finished off my label for the Row Robin, I'm posting it here again with the row so that you can see how they match, there is a line for each group member to sign, embroider, or cross stitch their name. Someone else has finished their row as well, so we're rolling onward. With 2 down.
My embroidery unit has been quite busy in a bust of free time I began working on embroidering a couple of large butterflies that I'm planning on using in the Sampler quilt that I will be making in 2009. Yes I know I haven't trimmed all the threads on the upper two. I tried to make each on different from the others. Can you see my Black eyed Susan's? The blue fabric much like the green from the label I showed you above came from my Secret Santa, Elle in Spain. It's amazing how a bit of new fabric can inspire us.


Heather said...

Those butterflies are amazing! Your machine is so awesome. I am green with jealousy. LOL

alerts said...
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