December 21, 2008

Row Robin

My first Row for my Row Robin is done. For medical reasons I'm way ahead. I wont be mailing my row to the next person till I know hers is done as well.

My center point is a double star that I embroidered, with two blocks by the name of Crossed Roads one on each side. This is quite symbolic because my theme is "Christmas Hope" and I am so sick of crossed roads, and picking paths and walking down this road. At the intersection of each road is a snowflake, I let the bobbin tension off unpurpose so it shows through the top stitching at different intervals, showing that no two snowflakes are exactly the same. Of course finishing everything off are the two hearts from the pattern I made up when I first started quilting. To pull the Christmas - Winter theme in the red hearts sit on beds of blue with white falling snowflakes.

More than once I wondered if I even liked how this was turning out, but the embroideries added just the right touch to bring it all together.

Currently the large quilt group is closed with 6 members. The two mini quilt groups are still open with five members each. Honestly I'd really like to close them a bit early as five in the mini groups will work out so well for some of the quilt sizes, but I haven't pulled the plug yet. My planned close date is set for Dec. 24. We'll see if I let it run. :)


Heather said...

Your row robin stuff is turning out beautifully. I'm still so very jealous of your sewing machine because that embroidery is beautiful.

maicher said...
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