December 06, 2008

Jessica's Check up

As much as I wanted to I can't seem to bring myself to label this post with what my daughter said at the doctor's office yesterday. You might worry about me.

So dd went to the doctor's yesterday, we needed her shot records and they wouldn't give them to me. Which was crazy because they were up to date. I thought there was a law about that? Ahh well, so we went. First off to the scale, It's a tiny little thing only about 2 feet high, with a silly simile on the stainless steel. The step plate is "bubbly" as though to be silly on your feet. Well my daughter takes one look at that and stops dead in her tracks.

"Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not DYING! I'm not DYING!" She screams, "Did she just say..." says one of the CNAs standing there. Her daddy and I glance up from trying to get her on the scale. "Yes, she did" we say together. We did manage to get her on the scale with her shoes off. Silly again since then were those foam clogs that weigh about an ounce, and most likely added more insult to the injury. 30 pounds that's my big girl. It was so bad at this point the nurse takes us off to the room and measures Jessica on the exam table like a baby.

After that it was smooth sailing, she's been talking about it ever since. Any why not, in spite what they'd told me she didn't need any shots!

Today I have the blue quilt in the sewing machine! Oh it thrills me to have it there. I'm quilting a exponentially growing diamond over it, and I'm going to quilt back in some of the blue borders. I'd say in one day I got it about 80% quilted. Not bad for a full size quilt. Of course I will have photos when I'm done.

My knitting is only 24"! That's half way, but it means I need more yarn. Hopefully a way to get it will appear, so I can send it before Christmas like I wanted.

My handmade Angel doll made it's way north and has been received. Apparently I didn't dress her well enough and the new owner thinks she needs a quilt. I thought angels could regulate that stuff without clothing, but what do I know?

My sister has assigned me another pair of pants to embroider, so when my arms became tired today I looked at designs. I have plenty of ideas of what not to do. Hopefully what to do will come to me soon.

DH and I have been playing an old GameCube game. We once beat it, but since it has been collecting dust on the shelves. We pulled it out I guess two years or more ago, but Rob played it without me, so for me to play I had to use his character and that's no fun. So this time around we have rules. No playing without the other, unless you're bringing your character up to the level of your spouse, and no playing unless Jessica is in bed. Regardless of animated blood and violence the music is a bit on the creepy side. It's a nice change of pace. But it had me going to bed a bit later than normal, maybe that explains the sleepiness I'm feeling?

Tomorrow is our Secret Santa Christmas Party on the Quilting Board. I'm certain that will be loads of fun. Did I mention that my Santa lives in Spain? Her work is simply amazing. A pox on the $20, a part of me hopes she invested just a tiny bit of time into making me something. Oh where is the big happy eye smiling face when I need it! LOL. I also invested time over money, more than a little time, as I hand stitched... Okay no more hints until tomorrow. Our party starts at 4:00PM so pictures of the gift I sent and the gift I received with post after that. DH has been keeping my package put up and away somewhere. I don't know where, hopefully he will give it back so I can open it tomorrow.

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Heather said...

I'm so glad you got Jessica's checkup done, but Oh my goodness! about her hollering. Jordan hates the Dr. too... I drag her in the door and she's insisting that she's not sick even though she's burning up and coughing up a lung. Kids.