December 12, 2008

Sometimes Ups...

Today has been a day of ups and downs, much like that song in Disney's Robin Hood. "Sometimes ups, out number the downs but not in Nottingham", I'm not certain which weighs heavier here yet.

The first up is that I shopped fabric today. My most favorite thing in the world it seems, which lead me on an inspired path including but not limited to giving myself a refresher course on batting. My friend Heather must be rolling her eyes by now, but that comes with being a quilter, sometimes people understand you, but not always.

Next up my mom came over and we measured my scarf for Soldier's Angels, I'm up to 28"! I might just have enough yarn after all.

Lastly that Double Star I made has been driving me crazy, something with the colors, ect. just wasn't quite right. So it dawned on me (no dish soap involved thank you) that I should turn it on point. So here it is and I can honestly say I'm much happier with it. I'm planning to embroider "Hope" in the middle of the white center, and my Row Robin theme will be Christmas Hope. I was going to do something fancy with the triangles but the Batik worked out just fine.

On the sad side, my nearly 9 year old cat Kitty got herself into an awful bit of trouble with the Christmas tree, and injured herself quite badly. We are under strict orders to keep her quiet and to keep a close watch on her. Any spare happy thoughts we could use. Kitty's birthday is this Jan. 1st (well as close as we know to celebrate it) and her 8 year anniversary of living with us is the 3rd of Jan. I certainly never would have guessed that when I mentioned her the other day that I would be beside myself right now as to if she'll even make it to celebrate with us. So any happy thoughts you have time to give us we'd appreciate it.

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Heather said...

Oh Liz I am so sorry about Kitty. I am praying for her. Keep me updated on her conditon!

I wasn't rolling my eyes at your quilting obsession. Never forget my scrapbooking obsession rivals your quilting one. LOL