December 03, 2008


Yesterday I made a veil for my daughter. Of course she's only three but she thinks anything that wears a veil must be a princess. I had extra material, because someone once told me you use crinoline on top of a towel when you embroider it. So I bought the first kind I found in the bargain bin. Of course it was the "sparkle kind" so that's not the "proper kind". Oh well. I was going to give it to Jessica for Christmas, but she's been pretty bummed that the birthday crown they gave me at 1900 Park Fare broke. It's completely "dress up" play style but it turned out okay. She tells me it's to big, in spite that I measured her head first so I put a tiny knot in the elastic.

My kitting is coming along just fine, with my "twists" yarn as long as the green. I wrap the entire thing around my needles every night before bed after I'm done working on them, but I promise my progress isn't worth photographing.

I also made a towel from a bargain bin purchase a while back. I made it from the terry cloth, would you have guess if you hem it, terry will stretch? It gives it sort of a rippled edge. Nice enough to give as a Christmas Gift. No photos till after Christmas.
I got a just because pressie! Yep, I swapped charmed squares with Linda a while back, and you know how much I just love cutting fabric. LOL! Well she sent me a nice present today, complete with a rice pack (sans the rice) inside. It was such a nice surprise. It's been a tough couple of weeks so it was nice to receive a little surprise.

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Heather said...

Do you know I'm a complete goober? When you told me you wrote a doll quilt tutorial... I only saw the part about the binding. For some reason today I scrolled down and saw the rest of it! OMG! That must've took you so much time! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Again. You rock.

I think the veil you made Jessica is adorable! You are such a sweet Momma. The little rice pack you got is too cute! My kids love their Carebear one I made. If you put dried herbs in it... You get a pleasant scent instead of just the rice smell. I used Chamomile. (sp?)