December 10, 2008


My one of neighbor from the North have returned this afternoon. It's always nice when the subdivision starts filling back up. It works out to be great timing as well, because we just raked up all the leaves and moved all the brush off his driveway, so he can feel nice and welcome. It's not our job, he has a lawn service guy who takes care of it, but let's just say the lawn service isn't very through.
I've been working on the first row for my row robin. So far I have one block done. It's a double star with two batiks, a white on white fabric, and a blue that looks like the ocean. Hopefully that will provide a nice blend of fabrics for the other ladies in my group to tie into. I haven't settled on a theme, but currently I'm liking favorites of the holidays. So each person can add fabrics, blocks, or embroidery of their favorite things. Currently my plan is to add two applique blocks on either side each containing a Christmas Cactus. Oddly my own little plant hasn't started to bloom yet. Not one trace of a bud. It's been cold enough so I'm not certain what it's trouble is.
My friend Gail sent this to my daughter. I helped Jessica to open it and she hauled it all over the house until she decided around about her nap time that she needed a bath. She just loves buttons, so this is wonderful for her.

Last but not least my Sunny Boy tried to run away today. Jessica was playing a bit rough with him when he was out on his leash today and he wiggled right out of his collar. Eventually Rob found him up under the house. Only after he was found did I allow myself to fully feel the terror I had over thinking him lost. Silly cat putting me through that.

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Heather said...

Oh my goodness I'm so glad Sunny is safe at home. I can't imagine how scared you must've been!!!

Is the music on my blog better now? We had an awesome surprise today. You can see pics on my blog. A little piece of Colorado.