December 04, 2008

Bake, Quilt, and Love

Today I made binding. A real treat I know, yes, yes it says I bought it, but that's because I bought it one time and the card that held the binding was the best thing, so I just add whatever binding I need to save to bits form before. I asked DH to perhaps make me some so I could have yardage of it, someday, perhaps. The good news is that with just a bit of gentle prodding I was able to convince DH to help me baste up the blue quilt (the last one with a deadline before xmas). I'm not certain how I will be quilting it, since it's two sided and one side is on the vertical and the other is on the bias. Fun, fun, fun. Perhaps tack quilting with my sewing machine.

One of the ladies on the quilting board wanted so heart embroidery, so I will be doing that for her shortly. I took a photo of all of my embroidery threads, only for her to decide perhaps she will buy the color she'd like. Ahh well this way all of you get to see my threads.

Today was baking day. I started this afternoon with sweet bread dough (not sweetbreads, that's something completely different) and then I made a nut past to spread inside them, then rolling them up like a Jelly Roll. These are a super yummy Christmas treat in my family. We call them Kulich (call-lotch), which is strange because we've always passed it down in my family and none of us are Russian which is where my ancient cookbook claims it came from. Hey we don't make it the tradition way with the coffee cans ect. so maybe that's the difference. It was my intention to make 7 loaves this holiday. I doubled my recipe forgetting that it only makes two loaves, and then there was a thing, and another thing... So now I have four. Just four. I don't know how many I'll be sharing with the rest of the family, after all Jessica will be helping me eat it this year. It's only been in the oven for a few minutes, but already it smells like Christmas cheer.

Tomorrow Jessica goes to the doctor's office for a check up. She doesn't remember having gone in the past so this should be different...

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Heather said...

You know you're great right? I've decided I'll never be as talented as you are with quilting. I managed to get Jordan's tiny one done without losing any limbs or poking off my fingers. LOL I posted it on my blog. Quilting is just not my thing. Hehe

I tried though. I ended up hand binding it because my sewing machine doesn't do any fancy stitching. Bummer. I actually like how the hand binding came out. I used a blanket stitch. It took me half of forever, but I'd rather hand sew any day over working with my machine. LOL