December 01, 2008


The Red Quilt is all done! Finished, complete hooray! I'm feeling quiet a bit worn from the final push to get it done, so it's nice to know I can move on to the blue quilt now. You're not seeing things the back is natural muslin.
Rob took all these photos so I didn't have to wasn't that nice? It's a shame he already knows he's going to have to help me baste up the next one. Basting even spray basting is not his favorite job.

So these are prairie points, the ones I'd been talking about for so long. Making the points is easy but time consuming. Then you sew the points to the quilt, and then because I didn't look up the directions on how to bind with them until after the quilt was 80% quilted, I then affixed a small strip of doubled over binding on top of the points. I was low on the fabric and tried to make it work but another inch in thickness would have really helped. You can see the red there in the first photo the solid row. I personally was hoping it would "border" the back and it did, so I'm happy. :) These are individually made, alternating, slightly nested, binding finished Prairie Points, with my own personal twist on the corners and the binding. I got my tips from Quilter's Cache

My friend Mary said "just when I thought it couldn't be any more beautiful" Isn't that nice? It warms my heart. :) Here's hoping it will be well appreciated by the recipient.

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Heather said...

It is gorgeous! And I totally love that you call it Big Red. LOL What a special gift!