November 30, 2008

Roll in with the Holiday Cheer

I've been up to my knitting when my hands are free. I'm need to pay attention to what I'm doing, but all the same I'm up over 18". That's only 30" from my goal for my scarf that I'm planning to send overseas.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend, even if your Thanksgiving wasn't perfect perhaps you got the perfect gift or you put up all your Christmas things? Well I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was the Thanksgiving that almost wasn't but my sister came in and saved the day. We had a great time laughing and joking all afternoon. Sometime around 6 we settled down to eat all different kinds of food. Some that was Amazing all the way down to okay. Let me just tell you my husband's mashed potatoes and gravy was even better the second day and that's saying something since it was great to begin with.

I do not do Black Friday. What are you going to do with you see a scooter going at full throttle? You're just going to walk on your own way to get there. I tell you what I think they have governors on those things so they can't go fast. I can't imagine what it would be like. Instead Rob and I watched the "Mork and Mindy" Marathon that was on all day. Me on and off, Rob all day. You can see so much into the future parts of Robin Williams in that show it's just amazing really.

My daughter loves Eggnog, who would have guessed, right? Well not me. I think the price of it is up this year, but based on how she's been drinking it, I might need to make sure to have some in the house all this Holiday season. I even have baking plans this year.

We put the tree up yesterday (Saturday) and I have high hopes that Rob will get all the outside lights done today. We shall see I suppose. He's told me such pretty ideas I'm really looking forward to it. The photo above is without the flash. Funny how it all changed when the flash is on.

Currently on the back of my mind is the apple quilt I'd like to make for my husband, I already have the pattern picked out. As well as the child's quilt I'd like to make for Charity in 2009. So far I haven't decided which charity I will make it for. My sister asked if I might be just donating it through one of the local hospitals. I tried to look up doing something like that, but I couldn't find anything. I couldn't even find anything for giving a quilt straight to St. Jude's, if you can believe that. Oh well all that is slated for 2009, except maybe the apple quilt. I feel like I'm falling behind in what I'm working on because December is getting here so quickly. Tomorrow in fact. Take care all!

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gwen said...

You are really very busy. Imagine wiht already the tree up! And a nice one it is. I am curious to see the illuminations on your house too.
Great job with the scraf. But watch out, knitting is as addicted as quilting. Your yarn stash will grow as fast as your fabric stash too. Guess how I know! Take care.
P.S.: the Red star quilt is just wonderful!