November 19, 2008

Fun With Photos

I took a knitting class, my first ever on Monday. Currently I have a 10" by 2 1/2" piece. It was supposed to be a scarf, but it's grown a bit to much the wrong way. So I'm going to let this one be a baby doll blanket for my daughter for Christmas. I've learned so much already (including what I was doing wrong to make it get so long!!!) And I went to the thrift store with my mom yesterday and she bought me a longer set of knitting needles, so instead of using the short 8's I'm now using the long 8's, it's working so much better for being able to see what I'm doing and thereby correct my mistakes. :) We also went and looked at yarn at Joann's, did you know most yarn is acrylic? I didn't know that. Mom and I also found some amazing alternatives, they had wool, but I'll allergic so I don't think I'll be using that kind, but they also had 100% cotton that was nice, and 100% bamboo that was simply amazing to touch. I even found one that was 60% or so cotton and 30% corn! Who knew right? Let me guess all my wonderful readers knew all of this already, well I didn't. I'm planning on making a scarf to send overseas to Soldier's Angels, there are so many amazing colors and choices! I keep practicing so that my stitches will be good enough to give to someone else. My little Stash Swap Angel Doll is done, Rob my DH added her halo two days ago now and she looks just amazing. She is a bit older than I thought she would be, but all that watching out for people must wear on her.
Winter has Sprung, and all my kitties are up for any and all stunts. I couldn't resist snapping this shot of Sunny with his Winter Maine Coon Fur Coat coming back in, funny how much smaller he looked in photos I took over the Summer! Even mom said he looks huge the other day. Oh for the Record Sunny only tips the scale to 12 pounds, and he turned four this past Summer so we're not expecting anymore growth from him.

I'm working on a Row Robin. Where each member adds one row to the quilt. Instead of going around and around as with Round Robins for a Row Robin you only have to make one row for each member in your group. I'm planning each group to have 6 people, and starting right after the Christmas Holiday, so everyone can take advantage of super holiday fabric savings. This is mainly based out of the Quilting forum, but since I'm running it I'm willing to open it up a bit to others I know if they're interested. There's lots more writing about it, and I currently have one big quilt group and one small quilt group open. The deadline for sign up is Dec. 24th. If your interested contact me and I can share the rest of the details for you. I'm considering the fabric behind my daughter which was bought for a completely different purpose for one of my Row Robins. Me? Oh I'm planning on throwing in for whatever size needs another person to balance it.

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Heather said...

Congrats on getting to go to a knitting class! I can crochet passably, but it takes too long! LOL I didn't know they made yarn from corn and bamboo! How cool is that?!

Sunny is too cute with his fluffy coat! Adorable! Hope you're having a great day today.