November 06, 2008

Just Keep Sewin'

Good Morning! At least it's morning here. Hopefully your day is as pretty outside as mine is.
I've been working on my first rag rug. It will be a present for my husband for his side of the bed. I'm planning it to be a nice little runner size. Already our cat Kitty thinks it's wonderful, she tried to sleep on it last night and when she found it full of pins she slept on the unpinned ropes instead.
Since the Red Star Quilt wont be ready for this weekend, I went ahead and made a little matching pillow. It was leftover baby clothing from Jessica's Gift from the Heart Quilt, so all I had to do was sew it together. No cutting to make my rib yelp. :) The inspiration for the entire red star quilt and pillow is shown there next to the pillow. This is the one and only time they will be together. These were my first machine sewed buttons and button holes. I really like the contrast. The backing material is the same mini roses white on white of the big quilt and I think they will look great on a bed together.

The Red quilt is currently rolled up into a tub waiting to be basted, so I can't show you them together right now. The good news is as long as I don't have to lie down I'm not feeling awful.

So the sewing project for today is to make a bit more progress on the rag rug and tomorrow I'm off to see about finding a Color Wonder Paint Brush Set for Jessica for Christmas. Hey of all the commercials she might see and want something from I'm not up for denying her a paint set. Currently they are buy one get one free at Toys R Us, but they couldn't seem to find any on the shelves when I called about it yesterday. Time will tell.

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Heather said...

You just amaze me! Those pillows are really adorable. =0)