November 28, 2008

How to make a Doll Quilt from Memory Fabrics Part 4

For this Tutorial I'm going to be showing you a variation of something called stitch in the ditch. Take a look at your sewing machine. What kind of stitches does it do? That straight stitch and/or locking stitch you've been using but what else does it offer? Always be willing to take in a gander at your stitch choices. Some machines have more and some have less. Can you see the zigzag stitch? That's one that zigzags back and forth. What other stitches do you have that do that? Do any of them appeal to you? If not continue with your straight stitch right in the ditch of the seams on your quilt top. Start with a center seam and work out from there, if you forget and start on the edge that's okay, don't worry.

If you saw anything else that is called a decorative stitch. Sometimes it will zig a bit and then hop and then zag and repeat, it doesn't really matter which one you pick. Select the stitch and line up the sewing machine. Line the needle up with the center of your quilted square line. Now Go! Zoom! WEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Stitch all the way across and then do it again. It's fun isn't it! And it's so much faster than keeping the needle right in the ditch. You can make all kinds of fun things this way. Or use pretty silver threads neon ones, whatever you like. Zipp, zeeee! You're doing it you're quilting! Beautiful! And even if it's not exactly perfect... Here's the best part! No one will ever know! They will assume you did it exactly as you meant to.

Here's my quilted little blanket. Can you tell where the sewing machine tried to sew uneven? Or does it just look like I planned it all? The little wisps you see if you click on the photo are the threads from quilting that need trimmed. Don't forget to cut yours.
When you are done and satisfied with your quilting cut the extra batting and backing away.

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