November 23, 2008

Red Star Quilt Unveiled

I've been working on quilting the Red 16 point star quilt for a couple of days now. The end is in sight, perhaps I will reach it today or tomorrow. Of the quilting part that is, after it's all quilted it will still need a binding of sorts. I really like the look a nested prairie point binding, but I'm not certain if I'm going to commit to that. If I don't it will have a traditional Amish binding where the muslin backing is pulled forward to the front to bind. You can see that I planned for this because of the extra muslin all around. This is the detail of the quilting. I used the quilting guide from Rob's old sewing machine that has long since left his possession (he has all the feet though). It's new to me, but it's going quite easily. All of the white areas are being quilted with that foot. All of the red areas are being quilted with a decorative stitch on my new sewing machine. It's a wavy stitch which means it goes way faster than normal stitch in the ditch. You can see the wavy lines over the quilt label below. Last but never least, and certainly not forgotten is the quilt label. I appliqued the label on and now have quilted it in.
My knitting had to be all pulled out, but I don't mind. I've learned my mistakes and corrected them. Once I was certain I had the hang of it I pulled it all out and began again. It's nearly 9" long and already looks so cuddly.

The Row Robin is growing up just fine. So far I'm two people shy from being a full group for the small quilting group and half way from full for the larger quilt group. I haven't joined either group yet, but I will when I know where the need is, perhaps both? I'm still playing with ideas. I'm so excited about this, it's open to all quilting techniques so I'm really planning to push myself to new levels.
Every time I pull out the camera Jessica wants in the photos, so here is the latest one of her. I love her for it, because I know even though it can make me crazy the day will come she want want me to NOT take any pictures of her.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness that quilt is awesome! You totally rock, and your knitting is going great too. You should be so proud. How do you bind a quilt? I've finally been bitten by the quilting bug, and plan to make a simple quilt for Jordan's baby dolls to see how I like it. I'm planning a variety of 4x4 colorful squares out of different fabrics I already have scraps of. I already chose a backing, but I'm unsure how to sew the backing to the top, and how to make the pretty edges like you do? Is there a quilting for dummies website? LOL

P.S. Jessica is ADORABLE!

Jessica's mom said...

Thanks, you always say the nicest things! I'll make you a doll quilt tutorial in the next couple of days. :)