November 20, 2008

Craig's List

Well I did it. I listed the Bargello on Craig's List You can see it right here. IT pains me, but we have to have money come in from somewhere. It makes me a bit sick talking about the unemployment and lack of money issues going on here.

My husband is also listing the Wooden Box he made. It was supposed to be his first sample. He made it himself and it took him a week. You can see his box here. as soon as we listed we were both hit with two different spams. UGH, as if it wasn't bad enough now knowing our email boxes will be flooded with crap.

I have started quilting the Red Star quilt. It's going to be so pretty. This quilt is heavy. It makes my arms ache just a bit thinking about it! Good thing that one has a label on it or else I'd want to sell it too. But that one was such a pain in the rear I'd be charging double for it!

It blows my mind the things you see for sale on Craig's List. I saw someone offering to make a quilt, up to three of them any size before Christmas in fact, if only the person would buy thread and fabric. :(

Oh the nice note here is that Jessica, Daddy and I all gathered around two bowls of popcorn to watch Santa Clause with Tim Allen. It's such a nice flick. Jessica lost interest and Daddy tried to fall asleep, but it was nice all the same. Why to bowls? Daddy likes to much salt on his food, makes it takes like you licked salt build up at the aquarium or something. Bleck.

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Heather said...

It makes me sad that you have to sell your quilt. =0( It's so pretty! I am very impressed with Rob's box. He's very talented.

I hope that someone buys them from you and that things turn around for you soon!!!!