October 04, 2012

Earth Turtles Are Finished!

Hawaiian Applique Earth Turtles
My Earth Turtle Quilt is finally finished!  I started this quilt as a concept long before I put thread to fabric, but   the actual applique work began May 2011.  Talk about a Good Finish!  It is reversible as you can see below.  Everything is raw edge as taken from it's twin my Hawaiian Ocean Applique Quilt which you can see here.  This time I quilted it to look like grass in the background, with echoes over the border and only in the ditch for the turtles themselves.  This gives them that little pop that is so nice.  This quilt is a different color palette than I normally work with and I feel this quilt is that much more intense for the change.
Earth Turtles Reverse
This quilt is a nice twin/twin XL as you can see it runs edge to edge on my full size bed, easily comfortable for an adult or child sleeping in a twin size bed.  It is an Hawaiian Applique Quilt in that the fabric is folded multiple times and then cut as you would a snowflake.  The fusible web I used made it a challenge to cut, so it was good to have DH's help with that.


Vicki said...

Congratulations on your completion. The earth turtle quilt turned out quite striking!

QuiltSue said...

That's turned out great, and your quilting is very clever.

Heather Landry said...

What a beautiful quilt! You always amaze me with your talent Liz. I could never even dream of completing something like this. Just the tiny baby doll quilt I made about made me pull my hair out!!