October 06, 2012

Lone Star Day: October Afternoon

Lone Star Quilt awaiting Swirl Art
I got the Lone Star Quilt all squared up!  What a job that was!  I marked everything first and then went back and trimmed.  Thank goodness I did that, or when I did what I thought was a quarter turn but was really only an 1/8th turn I would have cut a corner right off.  With the way my glowing rays radiate you see the corners look quite a bit like sides.

This quilt is a behemoth!  I thought the final size would be something like 100" square.  Not on the life of this quilt apparently.  Instead it is 112".  What a big beast!  At least it will look good on someone's bed in the future.  I don't even think this will fit my quilt frame at all.  I believe the advertised width max. is something like 106" square so I'll need to measure that and find out.

After I finished squaring this bad boy I realized that if I have the printer print one side of each scrolling edge instead of the entire corner the printer will not have to be as wide as I had thought.  Instead of needing a printer that can print 42"+, something that will print 18"+ (most likely the more common 24" printer) width would be fine.  So now I just need to check my assumed measurements to the quilt scrolls to be sure it will fit how I was hoping and if not scale the scrolls up a little (Eegads!).  But that is surely a job when my arms ache a little less...

I've been so busy with other sewing projects that it really was nice to spend a bit of time on this quilt that otherwise would have stayed put away for another time.  Just think I can check off "Square Quilt"!  That alone will make it a more welcoming project for next time!

Jayne says she's hoping planning to have her Lone Star done by the new year.  Isn't that a marvel?  Personally if I have the scrolls done by the New Year and thereby the flismy top will be done I'll be a happy camper.  There just isn't enough time once the holidays start hitting.


Jayne Honnold said...

My, my you do have a behemoth on your hands! Quilting it will be some undertaking, for sure. It will surely be someone's much-loved heirloom, too. Well done, Elizabeth!

QuiltSue said...

Yikes. I thought mine was big at about 100 x 120. I am hoping to have mine all pieced before the end of the year, but it won't be quilted by then.