October 07, 2012

Progress on Lilly's Garden Quilt

The Beginnings of Lilly's Garden Quilt
Today was a delightful day to be holed up in the sewing room.  If you were in yours I'm certain you understand and if not, hey maybe next time right?  I have been working on the Lilly's Garden Quilt.  After fretting for a while, I overcame my fear of cutting the embroidered fairy blocks wrong; you know a slip of the blade or reading the mark wrong.  My fears were unfounded and everything flowed nicely from there.

For floor space I have shown the top and bottom together, but in fact there is a big garden scene planned for the center that is missing and the teal fabric border will go all around that.

I have started on the applique as well and have made the Wisteria branch, but at this time it looks more like a large chunky log and is rather boring so you'll have to look at that after I add the leaves and depending on how that looks perhaps not until after I add the flowers too!  Did you sew anything today?  Here on the Gulf Coast I'm certain it is hotter than it was even in July, yuck!  Good thing for air conditioning hu?


Belinda said...

It's beautiful so far. Looking forward to seeing it progress.

QuiltSue said...

This is going to look lovely. I love wisteria bushes, they always remind me of my parents' old house, where they had a huge, old bush growing all over the front.

Dana Gaffney said...

It's beautiful, she's going to love it. Hot and humid here yesterday with bouts of rain, I can't wait for those first slightly cooler days.