October 06, 2012

October NewFO's

It's that time again!  What did you start in September?  Oh I'd love to hear!

I made oh gee how many? I made 12 Doggie Dresses for my friend's therapy dog.  Together they are both turning heads everywhere they go.  Two of the dresses were my own design.  This one off to the left with the butterflies and then one that looks like a mermaid.  Tigger doesn't do the later justice though.  So if you're lucky I'll remember to post it when I have a picture of the rightful wearer in it.

I also made a baby quilt for one of my sisters, who is due this month.  The quilt is reversible pink safari themed with raw edge applique butterflies.  It is quilted with loops of the butterflies flight patterns, the baby's name, hearts and a couple of stars.  It was a really quick and easy quilt so it's okay if it ends up loved to pieces.

I also put thread to fabric on this delightful quilt backing, which is part of my Lilly's Garden Quilt Project.  This back went fast but the front will surely take longer.  I have started cutting the fabric for one of the borders on the front but haven't actually started sewing the it yet.  I have another fabric order that needs to arrive first and there is one last embroidered block which is the center point that I don't have.  I'm worried about accidently cutting one of the embroidered fairy blocks to small so I've been putting it off.  Likely tomorrow or Monday will be soon enough.
Does anyone remember this?  It's my wall hanging River Art Quilt, showing our minor Florida rapids. I started it in June, and finished it this month. Everything is applique with just a little bit being raw edge, to give a more organic look to things like the palm tree in the upper right corner.

I've already completed 6 doggie dresses for this month, so time will only tell what I will have to share next time.  Until then, happy sewing.


Heather Landry said...

You got a TON done! My favorite is the art quilt. It's so creative and incredibly detailed! I love it to bits and pieces.

Jayne Honnold said...

YOU are one busy lady! Such productivity! :-)

Debbie said...

I love reading about all you projects! Love the doggie dressies...almost makes me want a little dog. But..someday I will have big dogs again and I get a smile just thinking about them wearing these adorable dresses!

Barbara said...

Well these are just beautiful.

QuiltSue said...

Oh my word, you've been busy. All that and homework too.

Barbara said...

Wow! Busy lady! You did a lot in a month. I love those doggy dresses. All the best dressed pooches are wearing them, I'm told.