October 24, 2012

Break for Doggie Dresses

Two fancy dresses - black has a bubble skirt
 I didn't take a picture of the last 8 dresses I made, so luckily you can see one of them there in the pink oriental print.  That one turned out really well last week.

On the left that you will find a black Stretch Velour bodice with a bubble skirt.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.  This dress had me concerned about how well it would turn out, but when I stitched that skirt on and flipped it open, even I gasped!
Three tiered dress with hand sewn feathers
Miss Princess dress in upper right
Above is a three tiered skirt dress, the purple tier is top stitched with glitter thread.  The bodice is lined so it has a nice weight.  The feathers were hand sewn because I knew the sewing machine would just mash them down.  Of course I figured out that there is a trick to it when I was three quarters of the way done - which will be good to know for the next time!  

DD deserves a bit of credit for the pink dress.  She opted that the white dog princess button should be sitting on the purple cushion (another button) and that the house button should be below.  I knew when I sewed that one together she would have the best answer for where to put the buttons!  When I was finished she also opted that I make and attach a bow in the princess crown ribbon.
Stretch Velour dress and lady bug dress
This red dress is another stretch velour number with a paw print skirt.  Both of the dresses on the left are lined.  The green dog dress is covered in lady bugs, even the buttons are glittery ladybugs.  These I opted to sew on in random directions ask though they had minds of their own, and I also used a little trick to making the bow that I saw on YouTube the other day.

Earlier this morning, I  made a little fang pouch for DD's Halloween Costume.  Its purpose is to blend with her dress and to help keep her from forgetting them on her lunch tray or the like.

My next step?  On to Calla Lilly and Toadstool Applique for Lilly's Garden Quilt of course!

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Heather Landry said...

These are awesome!!! The lady bug dress is incredible. It's my favorite. Your friend's dog has to be the best dressed in Florida!