October 13, 2012

Christmas Quilt-a-long October Lunch

Well ladies, how are your projects going?  I myself have only just finished wading through my morning emails and so forth, so I haven't had the joy of stopping by any blogs yet, let alone sat down in front of my sewing machine -how is that for a Halloween Horror?  I'm so glad you're here.  Why don't you join me for a spot of lunch, it's hot here in Sunny Florida though so take off all your Autumn gear, it's 80 degrees and the sky is bright blue with puffy white clouds, if it weren't for these decorations, you'd never know it was Autumn!

I believe everyone who had visited so far has entered in my little pin cushion giveaway, but if you haven't just dart over to my Mr. Linky post and leave a comment.


Donna said...

I too live in Florida where there is little change of season. I like how you created fall! Looks wonderful!

QuiltSue said...

Boo. I'm here now.

Thanks for decorating your place specially for us, it looks great. Now I'm off visiting, then I'll update my own blog.

Joanna said...

Where ever that picture was taken I could just plant myself on one of the chairs and enjoy sume hot cidar and the view. Really cute.