October 13, 2012

October's Christmas-Quilt-a-long

Welcome!  Come inm come in!  I am so glad you could join me this month for October's installment of our Christmas Quilt-a-long.

I know how some of you are over on the other side of the pond are early risers and so forth, so I have laid out breakfast for you.  Nothing like grabbing a bite of something and sitting down in front of the sewing machine is there?  Help yourself, but try to keep it down because some of us are still asleep - like me.

Now since you're here and nibbling so quietly, I want to tell you about the giveaway I have planned.  You see I made these delightful year round quilter's wonky pincushions, which you can see below.

The rules are simple.

1. State if you want the orange one or the blue one.  Any "I don't cares" will be awarded into the pincushion with the lowest entries to increase your chance to win.

2.  It doesn't matter where you live, anywhere on Earth is okay, but it you live someplace else you'll have to pay for your own shipping and provide detailed shipping directions.

3.  Who can enter?  Any of my blog regulars, these would be the ones who know who they are and so do I, as well as anyone who has done at least one month previously of the Christmas Quilt-a-long.  Everyone else is just out of luck and if I'm not sure if you qualify I will be checking with Sue our Supreme CQAL hostess, because this isn't about a giveaway; it's about having a little fun with the gals I spend so much PC time with!

So if you're here for the CQAL enter with the Mr. Linky below.   Those that qualify may enter in my pincushion drawing by leaving a comment.  I'll be selected the lucky winners Sunday.  Oh yes and it would be nice if the winners would give me a plug when their pin cushions arrive, but hey I'm a firm believer of you want do whatever you want with your gift so if you'd rather not I'm okay too.

What are you working on today?  Anything good?  Holiday orientated perhaps?  Hehe.


QuiltSue said...

Good mooooooooooorning. Thanks for the breakfast. I'll try to be quiet while I'm eating it and listening to Christmas songs, but can't promise. As soon as I've finished, I have to go out and teach a workshop, but I will be back!

If I were lucky enough to win one of those fun looking pincushion, I'd love the orange one.

Donna said...

I'm up but barely. Ms Cha Cha Cat allowed me to sleep to 4 minutes to 8 a.m. Miracles do happen! Once I get my coffee, I will check in with all.

And the Blue pincushion would look so pretty by my machine!

Joanna said...

I love seeing the little kids in their halloween costumes. Your pincushions are very cute. I like the blue.

Reenie said...

Oh, either pin cushion would be lovely!!! We did Halloween up big time when my 6 kids were small, but they are grown now and there are no children on our street, so it just slips by here now.

Mrs.Pickles said...

thank you for hosting today I am planning on getting a lot done...hopefully..darn now I jinxed myself..lol