September 20, 2012

New Dresses and a New Design

Healing Frog, Piglet, Lumpy, and Tigger Modeling the
Latest in Dog Fashions
I have been keeping busy this week making doggie dresses.  I am very happy with all of them, and unless you click the image bigger you will never know just how dog gone cute that brown dress which Piglet is modeling actually is. Hey I couldn't help the pun.  My personal favorite this week is the mermaid costume which Tigger is sporting below.  This is my own design and I drew the curves free form after looking at different fin types.  DD loved it so much she wanted me to keep it until the next time we go to our friend's photography studio so she would know for sure that she could see Mocha wearing it.
Tigger, M.R. Monkey, and Pooh showcase their darling dresses
 upon my Spirograph Fabric 
This brings my dress count this month up to 13 how about that?


Debbie said...

Love the mermaid one too! And the tie-dye with bones...soo fun!

QuiltSue said...

They're all fun, I bet your friend is delighted with her doggy wardrobe of new clothes. Perhaps you should do some seasonal ones now, for Halloween, Christmas, etc. Hmm, and perhaps I should just shut up!

Vicki said...

Are they cute or what! Love the mermaid one and the others are cute as well. Love the detailing that you put on them with the fancy trims, sparkles or even the dog paw ribbon. I'm sure that Mocha will love them all.

Heather Landry said...

The dog patterned dress has to be my favorite but the mermaid dress is a VERY close second. That's just too cool! Great job Liz!!