September 09, 2012

Tigger Models Again!

Pink Dress with Crystals
Give me a T-I-Double G-er!  Tigger is my model for today's doggie dresses.  The pink one is embellished with crystals, as per my friends request.  I have to tell you those crystals take a long time to get into just the right spot!  I think I have an hour in the crystals alone.

This second dress, has been tickling at the back of my mind since making the first dress.  My friend had raved about lined dresses she picked up somewhere - made in China and she was so impressed that they were lined.  Well since I don't have a serger each edge is double stitched anyway, so I figured aside from cutting the lining material it's the same amount of work lined or unlined.  She had also commented on dresses with multiple tiers of ruffles and how they can be such a pain.  My mind told me everything is gathered at once, so it is mildly more work but not hair pulling.  Hence this dress is lined on the bodice and has three tiers of ruffles.  I did not line the skirts because that would have created lots of extra bulk and I was concerned about how warm something like this would be.  When I was all finished a bit of sparkly ribbon caught my eye and I stitched it on with a little bow.  I adore this dress.  I plan to offer it to my friend and if she doesn't want it I will be selling it online.  The ribbon is iridescent so it is worth clicking on to see in more detail.
Lined Dress
Love the new fabric mom!
The other day I did a little fabric shopping and found this lovely baby animal safari print.  Tiny thought it smelled amazing right away, which is a surprise normally she only gets like this after I've been a serious number of hours into a project.  I am planning on using this as a backing for a baby quilt for my sister.  The binding will be a wonderful pink batik that matches those great flowers.  The reverse is the grey fabric above as a background, and the pink batik will be butterflies appliqued on it.  I will be quilting it with pink thread.

Green Dress
Thursday I believe it was I finished up this little green dress.  The crystals on this one are purple which I picked up out of the print.  I put the final touches on this one right before seeing my friend so it and the others have already gone to their new home and have likely been worn on a real already.  Likely Tigger is devastated!


stitchinpenny said...

Hope you are getting paid well. The dresses are cute, but time consuming.

Vicki said...

Great job on the doggie dresses. The pink one definitely reminds me of an old fashion cheer leader outfit. Love the butterfly & dragonfly dress, so cute and the ribbon really makes it special.

Heather Landry said...

I love the ruffly dress the most out of all of the dresses that you've made. Gorgeous!!! I just bet Tigger is heartbroken. I bet your DD tried to talk you into keeping one for Tigger.