September 04, 2012

Lilly's Garden Layout 1

Eye of the Beholder
Yesterday I finished up the first layout option for this quilt.  I was planning on making more than one but my friend already loves it, so this is the quilt.  It will be quite a bit more natural looking when the real applique is added.  What do you think?  This quilt is using 4 charm packs, Wisteria will be appliqued in the upper left, and then moving clockwise I have added some butterflies, last night I found a beautiful method using hand dyed fabrics, then from there I will place a cluster of Giant Calla Lilies.  Then in the bottom left hand corner I plan to place a cluster of toadstools.  How magical!
I call this one Sunset.

This quilt will be reversible, with a more simple back.  Something not to flashy, but I haven't stumbled on just the right design yet.  Any thoughts?  The purpose of this second side is to provide a less "magical" side of the quilt for when friends and so forth come to visit.  A Muggle side as it were.  Sue would be horrified to know after typing that I picked up her book to see if there was anything there that might help.  Maybe her Poppy Twist, there is a nice sub-design there that I never noticed...


Barbara said...

Very pretty quilt. I love it.

QuiltSue said...

Sue's not horrified at all, she's absolutely thrilled that you even thought of it. Thank you.