September 01, 2012

Lonestar Quilt-a-long Day September

Hidey Ho There!  It's my birthday!  Yes, it sure is, and I'd tell you my age too, but this is the Internet and you all might hunt me down and stalk me.
My Lonestar hasn't changed since the last time I posted about it but my mother did give me an Amazon gift card, so likely I will be using that to order those Fabrico Pens that I need for the Swirls in the border.  While I'm at it I have another project that I'm planning, I've been working on this one for about three hours this afternoon and it will likely need some Tsukineko Platinum ink, so that will make for a nice joint order.  What have I been working on?  Well I'm calling it Lilly's Garden, and it is a contract quilt.  I am using embroidered fairy blocks from a friend and those are already placed within the quilt.  I'll be using charm packs for my piano border which should look very nice.  What you're not seeing is the embroidered garden scene that will grace the middle that isn't started yet, as well as the Wisteria branch that will drape in the upper left corner of the blue and green, and a group of giant white calla lilies will bloom in the lower right corner.  From there little toadstools will wander out from the calla's off to the left.  I'll be posting those as I make more progress on this mock up.

My inspiration is this McKenna Ryan Quilt Bella Garden and while I tried to make her peacock fabric work for the background it just fought the colors of the fairies to much.


Jayne Honnold said...

I still love your Lone Star! We will have a fine virtual quilt show when we get them all done, won't we? Your color selection is wonderful.

QuiltSue said...

Your new project is going to look great. I love the idea of the wisteria and the lilies. I'm looking forward to watching the progress of this project.

Dana Gaffney said...

How wonderful that you've started on the fairy quilt, it's going to be beautiful. I know I owe you an email, life's been crazy.

Vicki said...

I like the layout for Lilly's Garden. The colours of the fabrics that you selected balance out the fairy blocks nicely.

Heather Landry said...

Happy Birthday to you Liz!!! I love your mock up of the new project. It is going to look AMAZING. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress photos.