September 13, 2012

Baby Butterfly Quilt

Pink Safari Quilt Flimsy
This is a little quickie quilt.  A love it up and wear it out sort of blankie.  It is reversible with this wonderful baby animal print.  Nearly all blocks have a detail in pink that matches the broad strip that I added.  The more I stitched on the pink the more I loved it for this quilt.  It is a batik with flowers but it has a certain tribal look which goes great with the baby African Animals.  I found this print as a 35" inch remnant and the friend I was with said "well no one else will have anything like it".  That is for sure.  The piece wasn't quite the right shape so the pink was added to square it out a bit.
Butterfly Quilt Back
The back is a grey blender with raw edged applique butterflies on it.  I was planning to quilt the antenna onto it using a buildup of thread, but instead I think I will use a bit of lilac embroidery floss instead.  The pink butterflies are made from the same batik as the pink strip on the front and I have already made the matching pink binding.  I will be quilting this one with simple swirls all over it.  As though the butterflies are fluttering around.  In a big open area I will be quilting the baby's name "Grace" and likely run over that a time or three so that the thread builds up well.  I would love to see this quilt on the frame by the first of next week.


Vicki said...

I love the baby animal print, so cute and this makes for a nice easy baby quilt.

QuiltSue said...

That's cute, and I love the butterflies on the back.