September 19, 2012

Baby Butterfly Quilt Finished

Girl's Safari Quilt Side
My little girly safari quilt is all finished.  I washed it before photographing it for you so it has that ultra cuddly look from not preshrinking the batting.  Where the yard was short the tops of the heads on the baby animals is cut off, but I find the effect charming.  Like a Built in Peak-a-boo.

While I did marry into being an aunt, and all of my siblings have experienced the first "niece" in DD, this quilt is for my first niece.  The quilting is loops with extra quilting on the WonderUnder + raw edge butterflies.    Randomly I threw in a couple of stars and whenever it seemed right I added a heart so those are at least every foot or so.  The top and bottom borders of pink are quilted loops of hearts.  I wasn't sure which thread to use, so I laid out all of my pink threads, and the winner was a nice muted mauve surprisingly enough, but it looks nice on both the front and back, with just the right amount of blending.  So the baby's name would stand out I quilted that in florescent bright hot pink and then loops of hearts in the mauve underneath.
Quilted Baby's Name
Clearly this is one of my reversible quilts.  The butterflies are the same batik as the binding and front bordering strips.  For an extra bit of detail I hand embroidered antennas on the butterflies with lilac embroidery floss which if you click the image below to see it in a larger size you might even be able to see the antennas on the bigger butterflies.  
Baby's Butterfly Quilt 2nd Side
The best fairy tales say  you can give the baby a blessing for the future:
Dear Sweet Grace, I wish you to be able to forgive easily and 
love deeply. 


QuiltSue said...

That's really cute, and how clever to add the baby's name, specially as you used the different coloured thread to match the butterflies.

Vicki said...

That turned out lovely and I think what I love best about the quilt is that it isn't your traditional baby quilt. It's not super babyish so as Grace gets older she will still be able to enjoy her quilt.

Debbie said...

What a great the touch of special quilting...and it's reversible.