October 11, 2011

Tiny the Quilt Model

I'm almost done with Tropical Waves, I was working on it yesterday and had high hopes to finish it, but I was fighting a headache and DH claimed the headache won when I ended up having to unpick a section of quilting, I was inclined to agree as nausea was setting in and it was clearly not a mere headache.  I'm feeling all better, though I still have a little bit of unpicking to do which shouldn't take to long and then I'll be off and quilting the very last border of this quilt, wont it be wonderful to see it off the frame?

While passing through the house I caught sight of my quilt model and just had to share.  She let me take one picture but when I started fussing with things and how it looked she said she was done it wasn't worth all that trouble.  Good thing her demands are simple; good cat food, a clean litter box, and her BFF aka DH.  Though if you are up for fulfilling wishes, Tiny would tell you that thunderstorms should be a thing of the past with only light drizzles to bring us rain, she also wishes to never be alone, and it would be nice if dirt disappeared forever.  Hey what can I say she's a cat after my own heart.

1 comment:

QuiltSue said...

I love your model. From what you say, Tiny has a very reasonable list of wishes, one that I reckon many of us share.