October 07, 2011

The Great American Teach In Fabric Strips

Look at this wonderful rainbow of fabrics.  Aren’t these strips amazing?  As I mentioned the other day my friend Vicki sent me fabrics from her stash for the Great American Teach-In which is coming up this November; between her package, my stash, and a bit of shopping I came up with these 44 beautiful strips.  I think that’s a nice number for 20 children to pick their favorite from what about you?  My goal is to sew the strips the children select as representing themselves together and make a crayon quilt. Then I will quilt each child’s name onto their strip much like a Crayon label.   

So now I ask you, do you see any colors that are missing?  I’m showing you the fabrics two ways so you can see for yourself.  Does anything stand out in your mind as a color that isn’t visible as a choice?  I would hate to think of a child looking at the range of fabrics and not finding a particular color that came into their mind when I say art.

Now mind you that black fabric that is by the fabrics will be joining the strips too, but it’s an extra wide fabric and I want to wait to cut the strip until after I take what I need from the yardage for the Christmas Quilt-a-long tomorrow.


Dana Gaffney said...

I might be missing it, but do you have a bright orange? That fabric is gorgeous.

QuiltSue said...

I think orange has gone missing too, and a really bright yellow?

stitchinpenny said...

Plenty of beautiful choices.