October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween From A Fairy Princess!

Happy Halloween!  As a child my mother was never one for Halloween, though in her defense when she was a child, kids in her community died from razor blades in the candy which is a pure and real horror, so growing up Halloween was more a holiday to advance you closer to Christmas than anything else.

That aside DD loves Halloween.  I have no idea how it happened but it is her favorite holiday.  DD loves Halloween even more than Christmas.   She isn't into the super scary and in fact there is a commercial about some Halloween candy maker that always has her hollering "We don't have to buy that!!!!"  Instead she has more of a Happy Witches in black and purple cheer.

In response, I've be able to enjoy a bit of Halloween Magic myself lately.  Did you know I have a great daughter? No kidding.  When I asked her earlier this month what she wanted to be for Halloween, she told me she wanted to be a fairy princess and she proceeded to tell me she had the wings (poor ripped and torn cheap green Nylon ones from Walmart from last year) and then she showed me the dress she would wear with it.  One of her pretty yet faded dresses.

My mind started running a mile a minute but I wisely said nothing.  Instead I went about compiling items for her to be a fairy princess.  I shopped for a crown when she wasn't with me.  I went online back to the shop I'd purchased the faded gown from (before it was faded of course) looking at numerous dresses and I began to shop for wings.  I didn't want any more cheap-wish-I'd-just-flushed-$10-down-the-toilet-Wally-World-wings again. So I hunted and I hunted.  I looked for DIY wings, and How To's as well as anything I could think of.  After a few days I stumbled upon a "way to big" dance costume.  The wings anchored on the dancers back and pretty elastic attached the wings to the dancer's wrists like bracelets, that was when I knew I was on to something.
First I found the perfect dress, then I bought the crown shopped for tulle, and eventually found the shoes on clearance.  With a minute at the sewing machine the wings were ready.  We already had hair ties, makeup and glitter. The glitter tulle came from Joann's as well as the pretty elastic.  Together with the dress and the crown I think I paid about $25.50 all totaled. The sheer joy and wonderful happiness my daughter has been radiating since her dress arrived on Friday has truly been like Christmas morning for me.  I love that I took my time and efforts and made everything as wonderful as I could for her.


stitchinpenny said...

I love the costume and the best part is her beautiful smile. Pure joy can't be imitated.

Dana Gaffney said...

She looks great, I hope you both have a wonderful Halloween.

Vicki said...

Happy Halloween. DD looks amazing, what a great outfit you put togeher for her. I hope everyone ahd fun today.

QuiltSue said...

Your daughter is beautiful, with a wonderful smile. I bett she loved wearing her costume - did she want to wear it to school, and to bed too?