October 03, 2011

There's a Surprise on the Table...

Today I had a leisurely chat with a neighbor and when I came home my DH said "There's a Surprise for you on the table".  We chatted for a bit more and as I started to head inside, I asked if it was a package from my friend Vicki because she's sending me some fabrics for me to use with DD's class for the Great American Teach-In, though I hadn't started looking for that yet.  To which DH replies "you'll see".  As my eyes land on the package on the table I catch Sue's Blog Header on the outside of the package and then it all came rushing back.  When I didn't win of the the autographed copies I knew I'd be beating an online path to amazon before to long, but low and behold Sue had extra copies and was willing to sell them so I bought one of hers.  And now it's here!!   Yippee and Hooray!
Now I've been waiting on this book, of course but right after offering up the books for sale Sue hurt her back, so my "patience is a virtue" kicked in and I was sailing on that.  I have already selected the fabric I think will be my main headliner, and from the quilt previews on the publishers website I thought I'd picked the quilt too.  But of course now the book is here and just simply flipping through it tells me there are many others so we'll just have to see.  Okay you're right, I'll have to hurry up and figure it out because many of my compliment fabrics are on clearance right now so I need to get my butt in gear.

I have to say Sue's quilting and quilts are even prettier in this book than in the blog pictures I've seen. Sheesh, it's lovely!

Also on my plate is the knowledge that Jessica will need a Halloween costume, her school allows all of the children to dress up - within reason and nothing scary.  She told me she would like to be a fairy princess, which means a beautiful dress and wings, so we shall see what I can dig up in the way of patterns.


QuiltSue said...

I'm glad it's arrived safely and that you liked it. I wonder which project you will end up doing in the end?

I'm not surprised your daughter wants a fairy costume, she's so pretty, what else could she be?

stitchinpenny said...

Every child needs to have wings at some point in their life and the fairy princess will give her physical wings and I hope when the time is right she will gain her metaphorical wings.