October 12, 2011

Mr. No Quilt

Sunny never seems to care one way or the other about my sewing and quilting.  He could sleep on a soft surface but a hard one is fine as well.  He loves to sleep half in and half out of the sewing room as many of you know.  So today when I was tucking in thread ends I was surprised to see his face light up with his "let's cuddle!" expression.  Not one to turn down a bit of Sunny lovins, I called him up to me and his face lit up even brighter with his "I'm so glad I get to jump to you!" face.  After petting him for a time I went back to tucking in the thread ends of my Tropical Waves Quilt, and Sunny settled into my lap.  I was surprised that he was so content so I called for the resident camera man and this photo was taken just for you.

Hooray Tropical Waves is all quilted and off the frame, it seems like the thread tucking wont be to bad, so that is good as well.


Vicki said...

Sunny looks so happy sitting there enjoying your company. Congratulations on another quilting job done. Now for the final stage and it will be done.

QuiltSue said...

He looks really happy sitting there.

I'm looking forward to the final reveal of Tropical Ocean Waves.

Dana Gaffney said...

Ahh, wonderful, a kitty and a quilt. He looks pretty content. I can't wait to see the Tropical Waves quilt.