October 02, 2011

The Miracles After The Fact

DD loves her new pj's, they are simply huge on her but she's happily worn them three nights running.  Oh yes and before I forget for all of you hardcore stick to the rules people - children shouldn't wear 100% cotton pj's unless they are form fitting.  Ah well, is what I have to say to that, at least she's happy and comfortable. Which is good because we're entering a little cold spell.  Yippie!  I got to wear long pants today!

You see Florida residents are a little crazy when it comes to the cold.  Winter sweaters, long pants, leather jackets and so forth, see very little time outside of the closet so as soon as the first cold breeze blows we all run to our closets to pull out our favorite warm things.  Granted by the end of winter I, like you really want to have a burst of warm days in order to get my shorts and put the on again.

After tucking DD into bed two nights ago this is the face that greeted me, I saw her tucked in the shadows.  Tiny has discovered how to cuddle with the quilts in progress even when they are on the frame, and of course I had to take a picture or two and show them to you.  Yes the lighting is bad, but it was bedtime and that's my excuse.  For the record Tiny is watching DD in the kitchen who snuck out of bed for a drink of water while I was taking this picture.

Do you recall those plants DD and DH planted?  Well this is the one little cucumber that survived through the slight neglect of us forgetting the seedlings were there.  Now that it's in a nice big pot with the trellis I'm starting to wonder if we might actually get to experience fresh cucumbers in December.  Yes I know the flowers will have to be self pollinated by humans who care or else it's doubtful we'll see much of anything.  I have grown veggies before you know.


Vicki said...

So nice to see that DD appreciates her new PJs. Looks like Tiny has found her very own personal hammock, how cute is that.

Loretta said...

This is sooo cute picture! Tiny certainly looks cozy and comfy! Yeah, I lived in Florida over 12 years and could not understand why folks wore sweaters, even coats! It wasn't cold to us, maybe because we moved there from Louisiana. LOL! Hugs!

QuiltSue said...

DD looks very happy with her new PJs and Tiny looks very happy with her new sleeping place and the cucumber plant looks very happy in it's big pot. Seems like everything in Sand and Sunshine land is good at the moment.

Dana Gaffney said...

She looks great, who wants tight P.J.s? Glad to hear it's getting a little cooler, I hope it keeps moving south, although we had 82 on Saturday and it felt so wonderful.