October 06, 2011

Peppermint Quilt Mock Ups 2

Oh my dear detail oriented followers!  I sure put you all in a tizzy over those last mockups I posted didn't I?  I'm sorry about that.  Last night I was reading Sue's book and I saw that the quilt block I'd selected in EQ5 because it looked like Sue's block (sort of) really didn't show the true block well at all, not to mention that block did not allow me to fully explore my fabric options the way I wanted to.  So let's try this again shall we?  This is the real Starstruck Block and I have amended both quilts to show the candy cane border everyone liked.  The first quilt showcases a change in the block and the addition of green.  I have also used a different blue in order to create a flow in the fabric print scale variation.
Queen Full Peppermint Quilt With Green
The second quilt sticks to Sue's three color block and keeps the original blue, but this time I have used a different pink print.  It is the same tones of pink, but it has big polka dots on it.  This was the pink I'd selected first but I thought the scale might be a bit big.  In retrospect it sure does look nice in the candy cane border doesn't it?  So tell me what do you like, what do you not like?  Note there is something going on with the scale of the blue snowflakes and the focus Peppermint fabric so those two details aren't showing as well as they should.
Peppermint Lap Quilt in Blue
No worries as any aspect can be matched to whatever my final quilt size decision is.  So after writing this post, I started to wonder what the green would look like with the large polka dot, so here is that for you to see as well.
Peppermint Lap Quilt with Green


Vicki said...

I find EQ sometimes can be funny in the way it interprets fabric swatches and sometimes what comes out in the design isn't quite the way the fabric actually looks.

I like designs 1 & 3 with the green in the pinwheels but it's hard to tell the difference between the 2 pinks. I can see a shadow on the bottom one which would be the polka dots that you were talking about, then on the first one, is the pink just a solid pink?

QuiltSue said...

I must say I think it looks great with the addition of the green, so either 1 or 3 gets my vote.

Sand and Sunshine said...

The pink in the first one is actually called Morse code, and while it reads as a solid it has tiny lines of dots some small some tiny, it is actually the same pink as in DD's Patisserie Quilt.