October 08, 2011

Christmas Quilt-a-long October Morning

Wow you can really feel the Autumn breezes in the air can't you?  It's just before 10 am here, and I have about an hour of sewing that I can do before my less quilted life interferes.  This is what Sunny looks like this morning, he's here but not ready to go.  I myself have everything for my peppermint pincushion laid out.  Of course I forgot to make myself a bit of tea to keep nearby so I'll have to get to that in a minute.

I planned to work on the quilt I've been calling Brown Turtles in the grass, but slept longer than I thought I would.  Waking up at 1 am something with your 6 year old in your arms, unable to move between DH and DD and wondering how it all came to be, will do that to you.  I went to the couch for about 2 hours, waking up every hour until DD came to find me and then tucked her in her own bed and I went happily back to bed as well.

Now some of you amazingly strong women are thinking why didn't you just scoop her up and carry her back to her own bed?  No way.  Even at her mere 40 pounds I would never carry her asleep though the dark.  She's to heavy and my walk isn't good enough after all what if I fell and dropped her?

I hope everyone has a productive day sewing today and I'll check back in after the chaos dies down.


QuiltSue said...

I wouldn't carry her either!

Your pincushion looks intriguing, I'm looking forward to watching it's progress.

stitchinpenny said...

People who have no balance issues don't understand how treacherous darkness is to balance. My doctor used to tell me that touch, the inner ear signals and sight all combined to make balance work and since I was already down one to never try to walk in the dark. Same goes for you and carrying someone precious just makes the thought crazy to me.