May 18, 2011

Worth Getting Steamed Over...

Thank you to everyone for your supportive comments concerning the shorts for Kailey.  You really are an inspiring bunch.  Thanks to my pal Vicki, I found two patterns to make today and one was even for pants.

Two pairs of pants and a dress joined my little quilted basket today.  The shorts I made second, and while I was thrilled to have a pattern to cut out, I was also really glad I've made pants a time or two before.  My "real people" patterns use the same method of stitching pants so that was  helpful.  If you'd like to make shorts for 18" dolls, such as American Girl Dolls, you can find the free pattern right here.

The dress is a free pattern from Liberty Jane and you can get the very clear directions here.  I guess I just think the one in their picture is prettier than the one I made.  Maybe it's just the fabric.  Remember those straps we made in the ice pack tutorial?  Well this requires you to make those, only they are barely over 1/4" wide when finished.  If I hadn't been already aware, I sure learned how hot the steam coming out of my iron is!

Now remember the pretty reversible sarong and matching top I made?  Well let's take a double take and peak at the new matching shorts I added.  Kailey's posed by the quilted tote I keep talking about because that's were I have all these pretties stashed.  Everything is layered in and ready to go for next month.

Two nights ago my DD was curled up with me and Kailey was sitting next to her, when all the sudden she grabbed the doll and said, "Oh no! You don't have a doll?!?  I will share Kailey with you.  Then she went on about how she would share Kailey with her entire family, including her dad.   Do you suspect she wonders about Kailey constantly turning up in the sewing room?

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stitchinpenny said...

I knew her Mommy wouldn't let her down. Great job on all of this stuff.