May 22, 2011

Raising the Artistic Child

It's times like these I think my blog should say something like this post's title "Raising The Artistic Child".  Or how to go crazy in five easy steps.

On my good days this spring I've been going around the house and opening curtains and windows each morning.  For the most part this applies to DD's room, and let's just say sometimes it's better if I don't go in there...  So this morning, I make her bed and putter around a bit when I find this:
Each time I think maybe I'm done dealing with art everywhere all over my house.  Something else happens.  I recall being a youngster and I did some mild things like this, and then the day came, when I was five, that I took nail polish (the peal off kind" and painted it all over my room.  I thought it was beautiful, though I was disappointed that it didn't work like real paint to give me more than a touch of coverage.  When my mother saw she made me clean it all up all by my self.  There was one spot on my dresser that I was never able to fully get off and it stayed there all through my middle school and high school years until after I moved out and mother refinished the dresser.

Never again did I color on walls.  Never again did I put my art to anything other than paper.  Until I was older and added a touch to a mirror and then later glass...  That was the end of my "little kid" art.  When I was a little bit older I wanted desperately to grow up and be an artist, but of course that idea was squashed flatter that a dollar bill because artist doesn't make money and thereby can't self support.  I was in 1st grade when that happened.
Did you happen to notice what that artwork on that door said? Take a Closer look right here.  Yep.  Guess I'm going to let that one be.


Vicki said...

Yes I would say that piece of art work is going to stay up there a bit longer.

It really is a hard line to draw when you have a creative child, but in the end I'm going to say this, what real harm was done. Personally I would say none. At that age it is so easy to squash the artistic talent.

Also if DD knows the difference between drawing on the walls of her own room vs. the rest of the house, then hey it's her room and hey she can decorate it her way :-).

Debbie said...

It's just too cute! My boys have left their wear and tear marks all over my home but nothing as cute as this.

Michele said...

That is some special art work :-)

stitchinpenny said...

I think she has figured out how to get Mommy on her side. How much do you suppress creativity? I have no idea.

QuiltSue said...

How sweet, I love what she wrote. I bet that brought a tear to your eye didn't it?