May 07, 2011

A little bit of Knit

Knit Dishcloths
I started these yesterday afternoon while I waited for DD's bus.  I'm surprised I've gotten the first one done already.  Seems practice does add to your speed.  These are dishcloths.  I've always had this on going problem of the towel sliding into the sink or worse onto the floor as it dries, so as the slightly long and skinny dishcloths, I made for DH for Christmas, seem  to slip less, I went the extra step and knit pearl stitches into the center stripe.  I'm hoping they will provide a bit more resistance against slipping.

I took the picture with the little pearls down as they don't show as well as the knit side.  What do you think of my little loops at the end?  I've been putting those in at the end of my dishcloths lately, it doesn't take any extra work and I feel it makes them a bit more versatile.  Not to mention now they can hang from the loops to dry!  LOL.

This yarn is another cotton ball because the cotton is so nice to work with and provides a nice texture when knit.  This little pair will be off to my neighbor's as a just because gift and of course because she lent me the use of her iron for me to alleviate my quilting itch, shh don't tell.  I bought the yarn when we were out shopping together the other day she liked the green and I thought the blue made such a fresh blend I couldn't resist buying it.

In case you're wondering I have cut the strips for the triple border of my Tropical Waves Quilt, but I am waiting on my new iron - due from Amazon on Monday!!!  - before I proceed further.  I will be so glad to have an iron in the house again and that's from a person who hates to iron.  How did I get here?  I actually liked my neighbor's iron so much that I bought the exact model she lent me.  I'll tell you all about it after it arrives.


stitchinpenny said...

I took a quilting basics class qnd the only thing I learned to make was washcloths, and I don't do them well.

Heather Landry said...

You are so sweet to make her those dish rags. I keep saying I'm going to make myself some crochet ones. Yours turned out so very pretty! Brandon is still demanding that I crochet his orange hat but I haven't gotten to it yet. There are so many things to do and so little time to do them in!