May 19, 2011

But it's a Cactus!

Yesterday afternoon the deal of a lifetime fell into our laps and we just couldn't pass it up.  A Inspira Home Quilting Frame, with a Stitch Length Regulator thrown in (yes you read that correctly).  My husband went, looked, and it and handed over the money.  When he arrived home I was stunned.

I've wanted a machine quilting frame for as long as I've known they existed.  But it was in this nebulous someday way.  As DH was bringing the parts into the living room, I was stunned beyond words.

I felt like the woman who really wants one of those smart yards.  They use very little water, they are great for the environment, they are easy to maintain, they win awards, the neighbors rave about them, and she really wanted one.  And then her husband starts ripping up the grass and everything starts sinking in as the plants start arriving.  "But they're cacti!" She protests.  Yep, it's a big giant cactus.

Let me tell you about the Inspira frame.  It's set up at 5' right now.  I never really thought about that in terms of three dimensional space.  But trust me that's big.  What about when I want it set up at 10'?  Then it will be even bigger.  It's made of aluminum.  That made me think of the old windows we took out last summer.    But that isn't right at all.  This frame makes the windows look like paper.  The aluminum is almost 1/4" thick in the tubes, and it's got some weight to it!  It's so heavy I went to help DH by attempting to bring in the shelving brackets - nope.  Maybe you're a Mighty Minnie Mouse, but I'm lucky I can pick up my 40 pound daughter when something happens to her.

So what does this mean?  I don't really know, you tell me!  LOL.  I sent off an email to the manufacturers of the stitch regulator, so we'll see what machines I can shop for.  Rumor has it there is an adapter that can be used, but I haven't discovered anything about that yet.

I'm thinking now would be the time to get one of those learn to quilt panels, Skill Builder Practice Panels - I think they're called.  You know I've ALWAYS wanted to make a whole cloth quilt...  Is that bad?  Should I not use those preprinted patterns?  And I know, something has to be done about the sewing machine first...

Anyone with any suggestions?  I'm all ears!  Oh yes and do you recall the open space in the living room and kitchen vacated when my sewing area moved to it's own room?  In a word "Gone!"


stitchinpenny said...

Congrats. I love mine and I don't have a stitch regulator. My machine is the Husqvarna Mega quilter I think. There is a pfaff and a janome that are very similar from what I have read. There is a great PDF online for the Inspira Frame. I haven't learned alot. Publish tips if you get any.

Vicki said...

As Ricky Tims would say WOOO HOOO!!! My that happened very quickly but when a great bargin comes up you go and grab it. Yes probably wise to call the manufacturer and see what sewing machine the recommend.

It's interesting that either the living room or dining room gets taken over by the big quilting machines. My friend Sue in Long Island got a long arm last fall and their living room is now the new quilting room. Also Marj at Eclectic Quilter just got her new long arm and it's in their dining room.