May 14, 2011

Christmas Quilt-A-Long Year 2 May Lunch time

Today is this Month's Quilt-a-Long Day.  DD beat me to the computer so I have to admit I've gotten started without telling you.  This morning already I have made two rice bags.  These are seriously good for what ails you.  I keep mine in the freezer for aches, pains, bumps, bruises, and generally whiney children.  Then in my case if the pain prevails past when the cold has slipped away I stick it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, and go with the heat.  Still having a little trouble; go to the second rice pack that's in the freezer waiting and start over.  The treatment of cold to hot and back confuses the nerves and they stop complaining.  Note: I don't use the heat packs on the whiney children.

Tropical Rice Ice Packs
I have noticed though that DD likes to make off with them.  Taking them to bed with her, leaving them around the house and so forth.  Her favorites are the ones sized like I prefer even though she has small heart shaped ones, in pink and purple with the infamous Barbie logo on them.  I'm so tired of going to the freezer only to find I forgotten to put the one I'd been using the night before in the freezer, and DD did the same with the one she was using, so I went ahead and made two more.  This fabric is so nice and tropical I think you can't look at it without feeling some of that tension slip away.

The handles are added for added comfort, and I've found if I use two layers of fabric it is more gentle on my skin.  I add rice until they are half to 3/4ths full, you'll know if they don't have enough or if they have to much because the rice can't move around within the bag and soothe the affected area.  I somehow am nearly out of rice so when I buy some I'll be stitching up these two and adding them to my collection.

3 1/2 yards batik
It's nearly lunch but I wanted to take a moment to also share my afternoon project with you.  See this beautiful batik?  I'll be using this on some reverse applique turtles I plan to work on.  I've already ironed the fabric - since taking the picture - so I'm good to start cutting my 21" blocks.  Anyone have a good way of cutting large blocks like this?  I once saw a 24" square up ruler online but the place doesn't carry them anymore and I haven't had any luck finding another.  Currently my largest square up ruler is 16.5" and trust me I'd love a couple more inches.

Hopefully everyone has been happily stitching today and no one is feeling under the weather.  How about your sewing machines?  Stitching away perfectly I hope!


QuiltSue said...

The rice bags sound like a great idea - perhaps I'd better make myself some for my back.

That batik is a gorgeous colour - just right for leaves, sunflowers or turtles.

Heather Landry said...

Those rice bags are adorable! I especially love the print! I have a bag that a friend made for me years ago with a Care Bear print to help with kiddo boo boos. I haven't made one for me though. It's a good idea! I have some spare Nemo fabric around here that would be good for a project like that.

Hazel said...

What a great idea! I know that you said that you've made them in various sizes, but what would you recommend as a 'grown ups' size?

Karen said...

I have never made a rice bag like you have made but am familiar with them. Your flamingo fabric is perfect for Florida or a gift for someone living elsewhere.

Vicki said...

The rice bags are beautiful and very cheerful, which hopefully will help to heal what ails anyone.

I made the mistake once of using Jasmine rice in a rice bag and as the heat from my neck interacted with the bag, it warmed the rice and it started to release it's fragrance. Not so good when I was using it to help get rid of a headache. From now on just plain old rice goes into those bags.