May 09, 2011

Tropical Waves Plans Itself

I came up with a border for Tropical Waves, and when I did I thought, hey it can go on two different ways, how about I get the border sewn together without sewing it on and hold a vote right here and see who likes which way better. Great idea right?  Well the trouble with the border I picked - once I laid it out I could see there was very much a right way and a wrong way for the quilt.  So guess what?  I decided the quilt decides this time.
See to the left how the crossing line of teal moves through the border's corner block, while continuing on the same line?

Now in the second picture look past the tip of the quilt back towards the crosses, see now how the purple diagonal is completely parallel to the purple in the corner block of the border?  I think this way will frame the quilt nicely.

My new iron arrived this morning, first thing, I was rather surprised as we're normally on the "oh I forgot" evening pass.  After much research I elected to buy the exact model my neighbor loaned me?  Why?  Oh well let's see, it never peed on me the way the old one did, it has a bigger sole plate so ironing goes more quickly - but weighs the same as my old one.  It also has more steam settings than I would have dreamed possible.  Do you know what I say to those set it wrinkles now?  Shot of stem!  Hiss - Gone and that's nice.

So after I was done with the border of Tropical Waves, instead of sewing it on I started pressing the folded border for the Dresden Plate Quilt, and that went fine as well.  Not sure how long I'll keep the box, I like to always have my iron at my fingertips, whereas having the box implies I will put it away at some point.


Michele said...

Lovely iron! I hope you are enjoying it! I haven't ordered mine yet. Putting it off I guess. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I love your borders......the batiks are beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished :-)

Vicki said...

Yes the quilt has spoken and it's going to look great.

Your new iron looks very similar to our new iron other than the water housing area on ours is blue instead of green. I think you will enjoy it.

stitchinpenny said...

Again yor choice of both color and design in the border emphasize the beauty of the quilt. Good luck with the new iron. My son in law misses his sunbeam - he bought the more expensive brand on the last go round and it spits on his shirts almost every morning.

Notjustnat said...

It's a gorgeous quilt Elizabeth. It looks so inviting and I can see why Tiny can't keep her paws of it! My DH only involvements with my quilting is getting his bottom pricks by quilting needles hehe! Have a great day - Hugs Nat

Heather Landry said...

I think your iron is cute. That color green is my favorite color! The quilt is absolutely lovely Liz. It's coming along very nicely!