May 26, 2011

No more bad Taste

The other day when I was squaring up the center of the Dresden Plate Quilt, I found myself with a bad taste in my mouth.  You know that semi distaste you get when you've been thinking about something to long?  Be it a remodel that isn't finished yet, a project you've been dreading, or in this case a quilt.

So I Hmmped and Errggged about it to myself for a while before coming to a simple and foregone conclusion.  You see I'd already made the borders for this quilt, so even though the bad taste was telling me all was lost I took the plunge and added the borders I'd made.  A funny thing happened while I was sewing on the borders.  First the folded border went on and even as it did I could see the blue in the Dresden Plates being pulled out and brought full circle (or square in this quilt's case).  That bad taste?  Well it started to fade.  The more I stitched the more I felt again in harmony with my Dresden Plate Quilt.

When both borders were on I started to iron down the border seams and that's when it hit me.  By adding the blue borders it forced the background fabrics back into the background where they belong and brought those blue plates forward.  As I took the pictures of the quilt, with Tiny's help of course, the quilt began to feel more and more a facet of myself.  No longer the bold background of "what was I thinking" but more the gentle hum that I knew I could do it.

Always my gentle quilt helper, Tiny was on the scene for pictures before I even had the quilt fully unfolded.  First she went under it, but not being in the mood to play hide and seek she slipped down one side while I straightened the other.  By the time I was refolding the quilt she was back.  After all these new things smell like time and love and really should have more cat smell to them.

Right now the without getting out the tape measure I can say the quilt is right about 87"x89", and I wonder...  Perhaps it's time to call the top finished?

By chance do you have a project like this?  The lack of an iron kept me from this one, how about you?  I say let's throw away the bad taste and go with our gut.  At the very least I can guarantee the cat will like  it.


Heather Landry said...

Well I can safely say that I like it just as much as the cat does! LOL I agree that the blue border brings out the blue of the actual plates. Great choice Liz!

QuiltSue said...

See, your first instinct was right! It looks great. I love how the blue stands out.

Vicki said...

Those first instincts are usually the best ones. The quilt looks amazing and it looks like Tiny thinks so too.