May 14, 2011

Christmas Quilt-A-Long Year 2 May: Art for Your Bed

I was really torn between the Quilt Festival, Blog hop more or Quilt?  Sheesh, what a pair to be torn between.  I did get back to my little project for the day though.

This is the reverse applique turtle quilt I've been talking so much about.  It's planned to be a twin size, but it might have it's own designs on me, we'll just have to wait and see.  Already this block walked all over me.  Look at the way it pops and crinkles!  Not my normal method at all, but I just love how organic it is.  What do you think?

I've always known this quilt to be the contrast of my Hawaiian Ocean Applique Quilt, born of one, but forever another.  I'll square it back to the green and we'll see how the other blocks go before really settling on a layout.

No worries, I am still working on the Hawaiian Ocean, I prepped another 3 blocks for DH to cut for me, and I'm sure there is an end in sight there somewhere.

How have you been getting along this find Quilt-a-long day?  It was beautiful and hot here earlier, but then the sky opened up and dumped rain all over us.  The sun is still hiding behind the clouds so I think I might just plan my colors and maybe cut the fabric for my Christmas Scatty Stars BOM, as the light just isn't good enough to keep working on these turtles.


QuiltSue said...

I love your turtles, they are amazing.

Vicki said...

Very different look from the ocean turtles but still very nice. The colours work very well together.