March 24, 2011


Wan'ta Know a Secret?  I've been busy.  You knew that right? But you didn't know I'm getting my own Sewing Studio!  Oh yes that's what I said.  A place of my very own.  Not a chair in the kitchen but a real - Oh my goodness ROOM!  With a door and everything!  LOL Makes me feel like a teenager.
Sunny is also in great spirits having finally found his very own cat house.  His sister Tiny looks on in distain at both him in his hut and me taking his picture because she thinks he's crazy, but that's not news. 
Now that you've heard the biggest news do you want the rest?  Surely you do.  That's what I love about of you.  Yesterday I received not one but two surprises in the mail!  Yes, the fabric we've been waiting for arrived.  Hoffman's Bali Batik Black Onyx G2177 213.
Onyx is one of Hoffman's latest answers to true black in a batik and let me start by saying they did a good job, and no one is asking me to say that.  Are you kidding?  I paid full price for this fabric.  Now I thought this was a gold foil swirl added on top of the black onyx.  But that's not the case.  Instead it's a beautiful blend of browns, yellows, and goldens that reads like a gold foil at any distance greater than 20".  It is certainly a look twice fabric.  
My second surprise is actually one I've worked long and hard for.  Meet Kailey.  Isn't she a sweetie?  She arrived in a Christmas dress so I knew I had to stitch out something nice and tropical after all it's 83 degrees in the shade today.  What better to start with than a take on my own outfit today and make a sarong with a matching top?  In case you're wondering I'm not wearing hot pink I'm wearing ocean blue, but I'm already a BFF of my DD.  At least until she's turns 10 or I ask her to turn the tv off, which ever comes first.
As I can't seem to stop myself from thinking about what is on the reverse this sarong is no exception.  The second side creates a purple towel wrap all set for your best game of pretend.
Before I sewed these, when I first sat down at my sewing machine I saw a horror, something I don't think I've ever seen in the entire three years I've been quilting, could it be that long?!?!?!?!?  There was dust on my sewing machine!  Eegads!  I even took a picture for you, can you see it?  Ewww, if I keep up this sort of neglect I will have to start putting the sewing machine (gasp) away between uses!  Is that something you do? I know, I know mixers and sewing machines; you're supposed to cover them.  But the sewing machine cover is hard plastic and so big and bulky, it always gets in my way when I'm trying to sew.  Hey in my new room I'll be able to banish the sewing machine cover to the other side of the room.
I have a dusty house, it's true and most of this seems to be cat hair, but that says something equally shocking, that perhaps my cats have spent more time by my sewing machine than I have!  How about this, we'll blame the dust on all the hand work I've been doing stitching applique for the Dresden Plate Quilt.  Right that's it.  Happy stitching and may the dust never settle on your machine!


Vicki said...

the gold swirl batik fabric is gorgeous and it should look wonderful with the Dresden plates. I love the sarong dress you made for Kailey very cute.

As for dust and cat hair on the sewing machine, live with it all the time and no I don't cover my machine. That's why they invented the swiffer duster LOL.

QuiltSue said...

Woohoo, your very own sewing room - how wonderful. Dust? Why worry about it, if you get rid of it it only comes back, so as long as it's not stopping your machine from working properly ... and the fabric looks wonderful.

Heather Landry said...

I am giggling like crazy over that photo of Tiny! He is looking at you like what on Earth are you doing? LOL I'm so glad that you're getting your own room.

I only have ONE dog and she's an absolute mess. She leaves dust and hair everywhere!

Heather Landry said...

I mean she. Typo!