March 27, 2011

Dumb Camera or Operator?

Well I've tried to update you three times at least since my last post but each time I go to do so my camera flatly refuses to download.  Software based issue surely, so I'll just update you with words alone.

The Dresden Plates are all nearly finished.  I have just one more to applique and then it will be time to cut the triangles which squares up the entire on point quilt.  It feels a bit bitter sweet coming to the end of the applique work.  I feel like I was just worrying about the size of my stitches just the other week.

I found the gold organza fabric that I need to create the Snake of the Me, The Snake, and the Meerkat Quilt.  You'd never guess how much shopping you have to do to find gold high quality Organza.  Don't all those second time brides want to wear gold?

Quilting Bloggers is having a Swap and while I will not participate, I do plan to make my own tote using the swap pattern.  If interested you can take a sneak peak here.  I'm planning this for the Kailey Doll I showed you in my last post.  I think a nice matching doll blanket would go together well.  Not sure what colors I'd like it to be.  Something tropical I think.  That way we can all pretend we are on the beaches of Hawaii.

Anything else?  Oh yes, I am abysmal in my BOM Scatty Stars.  I'm telling myself it will be fine if I finish up the two blocks for March before March is over and then I'll be right on track for next month.  I added it to my Current Project list so hopefully that will help.

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