March 29, 2011

What I knew I had to do + A Dress for Kailey

Offending Blade
In my last post I told you about this offending blade. The last block to be appliqued down, but yet with a miniscule flaw. Can you see the cut?  Right beside the seam towards the point? I pulled the telltale bit of thread so you would have a better chance of seeing what such a small annoyance can do to a quilter.

I guess it's a good thing I ended up with a couple of extra blades, because it appears I'm going to need one after all.

Nasty business tearing apart a block. But I did it, all for all of my concerns it wasn't as painful for myself nor the block as I had feared. Now if only my sewing room was ready for me and I could start sewing it back together already!

Sort of makes me wonder when it happened. Did it happen early and I didn't notice? Or did it happen later? Did I do it? Surely not?!?! How about you? Have you ever looked down and thought "Oh Blemish!"  Right because we both know neither of us was thinking Blemish.
On a happier note: these dresses arrived today. I found them on sale online for 40% off aka $24 and sent DH to go see them in person; except the store didn't have them and the warehouse didn't have them and they weren't just 40% off. They were 40% off + another 40% off + yet 10% more off. So really only $14. Turned out the when DH called they ordered it to be pulled off the rack for us from another store. All that effort for a dress?  Oh yes, aren't they pretty? The dresses are the softest cotton you'd ever dream of, I think even those of us that quilt would agree with me and both dresses have a very nice grown up lining. What do you think? With the hint of an iron and a bit of Easter Surprise? Wouldn't Miss Kailey look adorable dolled up with a matching dress for DD?


stitchinpenny said...

Sorry I haven't been a good blog friend, a little too self involved. I am so glad that you fixed the block and that it made you happy. On a fun note I love the dresses and the deal, a reason for everyone to be happy

Heather Landry said...

The dresses are beautiful! So worthwhile. I know it must've been a pain to fix the block but now it won't be on your mind every time you look at the quilt. LOL

QuiltSue said...

I see you took my advice about the block, which I only wrote about 2 minutes ago!

Cute dresses, really pretty and feminine.