March 29, 2011

Meerkats Invade?

My Sewing Area in the Kitchen
I'm tempted to call this Post: Who wants pictures?  But I wont. Though if you're one of those wanting to see pictures you're in luck; the computer and the camera seem to have reconciled at least for the time being! First things first. My before Picture! Have you ever wanted to know what my sewing area looks like? Oh yes, there it was. The mess level is entirely dependent on where I am with a project. The middle of the project? Messy.  Finished? Clean. We're not done moving everything into the new sewing room, so you wont get to see that for a couple of days. But I thought I'd go ahead and show you the before hand picture now.
Two Blue Dresdens on Black
I've been really wanting to show you these Dresden Plates on the black and gold swirl. I am down to stitching my very last one. So I thought I'd share some pictures with you. Now wait! What's what on those blocks? I can just see a little something there... Oh I see the Meerkats are invading. Well if that's all. It's a running joke with DH that I want to go to Africa and pick up Meerkat fecal. What can I say? How can I argue? If it meant a two day flight there and a three day flight home to go see meerkats for two weeks I'd pick up anything. Hey I'm a mother, it can't be as bad as other things I've dealt with, and besides Meerkats are only about 2 pounds full grown. What is there to fear? Except perhaps being marked with... Yeah, well now you know why DH teases me. Oh yes and the flights really would be that long in case you were wondering. Furthermore those little Meerkats are mine not Jessica's. Though I do find them in the oddest spots after they go play.
Meerkats on the lookout of my Dresden Plates
Dresden Plate Handwork in Progress
These are what the blocks look like as I work on them. Just when I was getting all bittersweet about being on my last one I discovered a single blade has a cut in it. The cut is somewhere between 1/4" and 1/2" in.  The cut is clearly where it does not belong. I'm thinking rather than fixing it with a bit of wonder under I really need to yank the entire block off, take the center circle out take the offending blade out and stitch in another. Then re-sew everything. Sounds like a horror. But advice is what you ask for when you know the answer and wish you didn't so I ask, what do you think?


Vicki said...

The black batik looks amazing against your blue Dresden plates. And yes, despite the horrors of all that work, if I was in your shoes, I would rip out that block and replace that one blade.

I know if it were me, if I left it, it would sit there and nag at me for ever especially since you have already put such wonderful work into it, and taken the time to find just the right fabrics. It's just one block and you know, in one evening it will be all fixed and good to go.

Heather Landry said...

Meerkats are super cute! I know how much you love them. I think I'd put up with a lot for a trip to Africa. Sign me up to see the elephants please? I think your blades look fantastic on the black fabric. Wow Liz!

QuiltSue said...

What do I think? I think you can guess what I think. I think you need to do a spot of unsewing as I think if you don't you will always see that little area everytime you look at the quilt, and I think that will spoil it for you!

Well, you did ask!