March 16, 2011

Dresden: Where am I?

All Stitched Out
The hand applique on the Dresden Plates is going more quickly than I had previously dreaded. So far I have seven of the nine center Dresden Plates appliqued on. Lucky for me the stitch I'm using doesn't cause pain in my hands the way other handwork has been known to do. I've been picking up a nice selection of pricked fingers lately, so before I tackle another project like this I'll be shopping for thimbles, do you have a good standby? My friend Vicki tells me the leather stick on ones are good so perhaps I'll pick up some of those to try. She's having a March Madness Giveaway on her blog (and she doesn't know I'm telling you) so if you haven't yet stop by and take a gander at her beautiful work. Perhaps you might even find a laugh or two!

These blocks will be put into the quilt on point, so I plan to sew everything together in strips. Not to shabby for a week or so worth of stitching applique. This is the layout right now. It's planned to be a serious Full/Queen at 90" square. I'm totally committed to the center layout, but still toying with the border options.
Blue Dresden Plate Quilt Layout
The beauty of the Hoffman fabric didn't photograph as well without the sunshine casting on it so I took this extra photo just because. After much thought and some serious hunting I've found the perfect fabric for the black as well. It is surprisingly another Hoffman fabric. This time it is a Onyx Bali Batik with Gold Swirl Foil put on by hand. I'll be ordering that Friday, so hopefully I wont have to much delay in getting to the last four Dresden Plates.
Details of the Fabrics

What have you been working on? 
Anything beautiful coming out of your studio lately?


QuiltSue said...

The blocks look wonderful and I LOVE the setting you chose. I did wonder what a ribbon border would like in place of the diamonds, but then again, I like the one you chose.

stitchinpenny said...

It is really looking great. I hope it is to the point that just looking at it is making you excited with anticipation of finishing the top.